How to Start an Successful Online Business from Scratch

Starting an online business is very easy, however there is a huge difference between starting a new business and starting a new successful business. I personally have been building and managing startup online companies for well over two decades, but only until I put together the right steps did I start making then a success. I’ve helped hundreds of people start their online presence, but roughly 80% of them give up within 1 year. Why? They thought that having and idea and building it was all it took. Most people see the acronym SEO and think that SEO will advertise for them and make them rich. I have two thoughts on SEO:


  1. SEO Experts are snake oil salesman and make promises they cannot keep. They absolutely cannot guarantee any sort of listings in Google or Bing. Most will hurt you more than help you. 2. Real SEO is organic and comes from properly building your website, properly writing relevant articles for your business and exploiting social networking daily to get your business out there.

Steps to building your successful online business 

  1. Find a need, a hole that needs to be filled. Something in high demand and not a copy of another product or service. While it is important to investigate your competition, do not by any means copy them. You might end up breaking copyright law, violating a patent or copying over unsuccessful portions of their business or website.
  2. Prepare your sales pitch as if you are going to your most difficult and stubborn customer’s home to sell them your product or service. When it is capable of converting that customer, then you are ready for the website.
  3. Build a website that is responsive, easy to navigate, search engine friendly, uses little server resources and tells the customer within 5 seconds on the site, what your business/product is and what it can do for them. Five seconds folks. That means all of the fancy widgets and special effects need to go, they distract the consumer from the Call to Action.. the one part of the page that says get all the info you need and purchase here now but in fewer words.